Teodoro Dannemann Alvarez

Research Assistant

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Research interests

Teodoro is interested in the footprints of life, by analyzing an organism or a community as a physical system in which emergent properties come from local interactions among individuals (cells, insects, humans, or anything that constitutes a complex system). Power laws, Lévy like behavior, self-organized criticality, autopoiesis, long-memory processes and fractals, among others, are properties that have appeared in different contexts and various disciplines: neural patterns, collective behavior of ants, music and financial crisis are some examples. The question is; Is there a commonality  between these systems at the individual level? If so, a bottom up mechanism should result in similar collective properties of these different systems.

Also connected with this, Teodoro is interested in the encounter between sciences and arts. Particularly, in how animal collective behavior and complexity can be represented in a non conventional way, i.e. by means of music. In this context the concept of complexity at the edge of chaos is very interesting, because music, as it has been proposed, is at the exact point between structure (order) and chaos (disorder).

Personal Links

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