María Isidora Ávila T.

Ph.D. Student at Biological Sciences mention in Ecology 

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Research interests

My interest have been focused on the Rocky Intertidal Marine Ecology. I have worked on understanding both algal and animal prey assimilation (physiological omnivory) in intertidal consumers that have a both algal and animal diet (trophic omnivory) but in which animals items have commonly considered incidental ingestion. As a PhD student I’m interested in two particular topics:

  1. Evaluating the importance of physiological omnivory that is present in lower trophic levels for the structure and dynamics of trophic networks.
  2. Evaluating the consequences of species harvest in subtidal and intertidal food networks of central Chile, in order to determine at what harvest intensity the networks are most sensitive and to recognize which species are most vulnerable.

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  • Arancibia PA., M.I Ávila-Thieme & PA. Camus (2013). A trophic characterization of intertidal consumers on Chilean rocky shores. Revista de Biología Marina y Oceanografía (ISI) 48(3): 431-450. Link