José Ignacio Arroyo

PhD(c) Biological Sciences major in Ecology

Research interests

In my doctoral research we are investigating how temperature regulates the complexity of microbiomes. To do this we are exploring microbiomes from hot springs and integrating omics, macroecology and systems biology. We are using three approaches; first, a scaling approach in the context of the Metabolic Theory of Ecology (MTE) to explore the relationship among temperature and biological rates. In a second approach we are using metagenomics and metatranscriptomics to explore how metabolic functions change in microbial communities through temperature gradients. Third, using reverse ecology we are reconstructing ecological interactions to understand how the structure of microbiomes is also affected by temperature. I am also interested in comparative and evolutionary genomics. In this field I investigate the evolution of gene families and their molecular and evolutionary underpinnings.

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