Janeth Lessmann

PhD Student

P. Universidad Católica de Chile

Research interests

Janeth Lessmann is a biologist from the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela and she has a master degree in “Biodiversity in Tropical Areas and its conservation” by the International Menéndez Pelayo University in Spain.
Her research has been focused on the generation of interdisciplinary proposals for large-scale conservation of neotropical biodiversity. For example, she has studied the diversity patterns of freshwater vertebrates and invertebrates in Andean-Amazon basins, using software for species habitat modeling. She has also worked in the identification of priority sites for species conservation in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador y Peru, including alternatives to the expansion of natural resource extraction that is taking place in these countries. Her studies also include economic aspects in conservation, such as estimates of management and opportunity costs for the establishment of new natural reserves, and the effects of underfunding in the effectiveness of tropical protected areas.
Her doctoral thesis aims at understanding how biological, agrobiological and cultural diversity are distributed and related in the Andean region, and generating proposals about priority sites that simultaneously contribute to conservation of these diversities throughout the Andes.


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